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Diskarte Nababagay sa pag lalaro ng poker-Alex Jones Begs Trump For Forgiveness 3 Days After Praising Ron DeSantis

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What a difference three days made for conspiracy monger Alex Jones.

Jones praised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on his Infowars show Thursday as “someone way better” than Donald Trump to support for president in 2024.

Jones said the days when he “pigheadedly” supported Trump were long gone and that DeSantis was the better candidate.


“DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good,” Jones said, according to the Daily Beast. “And I don’t just watch a man’s actions, as Christ said. Judge a tree by its fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video, and I see the real sincerity.”

Jones said DeSantis is “what Trump should be like,” but he said the Republican governor is not just “better than Trump” but “way better than Trump.”

Some pundits suggested that Jones’ announcement was a sign that Trump’s hold on the right was fading.

But that seems to have been mistaken based on the mea culpa Jones issued on Monday to appease the former president.


In his “emergency message,” Jones begged Trump to watch the first minutes of Thursday’s show “so you can see what I said in context.”

Jones claimed “the corporate media” edited his comments “down to a 30-second clip” to make it sound like he’s “only for DeSantis” and that he’s abandoned Trump.

Jones insisted, “That’s not true. It’s the contrary.”

The normally fiery disinformation peddler tried to empathize with the former president’s current situation.

“I understand that you’re under attack, I understand you are surrounded, and I’m trying to get you to reassess the situation,” he said. “I know that people ... are telling you that you need to reassess the situation.”

You can see Jones’ two sides in this clip provided by The Recount.

Alex Jones: I'm a DeSantis guy

*Three days and a lot of negative replies later*

Jones: President Trump, I didn't mean it, call me

— The Recount (@therecount) August 22, 2022

Many Twitter users weren’t impressed by Jones’ backpedal.

This is hilarious, but it's also an example of how much power Trump still wields among the frothy Right.

— Arieh Kovler (@ariehkovler) August 22, 2022

"Please, President Trump! If you call, I promise to text you the naked picture of my wife!"

— Norman Ornstein (@NormOrnstein) August 22, 2022

A Trump advisor summed up the back and forth to me this way: "It's Alex Jones. EVERYTHING is a PR stunt!"

— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) August 22, 2022

dont go looking for any real consistency from the guy who thinks the wtc was pulled down by internal bombs and that hologram kids were shot at sandy hook

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) August 22, 2022

With Alex Jones and other conspiracy gurus, every day is a new reality. Nothing that happened yesterday has any relation to what happens today. You can endorse something, then decry it, and both days exist in their own complete timeline, with both correct.

— Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd) August 22, 2022


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