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casino party poker-Hunter shot dead by fellow hunter in Ifugao

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KIANGAN, Ifugao:A hunter accidentally shot to death a fellow hunter whom he thought was a deer in the forested area of Mount Alibut-tung, Barangay Bokiawan, here on Monday.

BGen. Mafelino Bazar, Cordillera Police Regional Office (PRO) regional director, identified the fatality as Freddie Ananayo Yogyog, 43, married, farmer and a resident of Bokiawan, Kiangan, Ifugao.

The suspect was identified as Lener Layagon Tobiagon, 28, single, farmer and also a resident of Bokiawan.

Probers disclosed that the two farmers went to the forested area to hunt wild deer at around noon on Sunday.

Unsuccessful in their hunt, the two decided to go home empty-handed on Monday morning.

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While walking home, they saw fresh footprints of wild deer in the area, so they decided to part ways to hunt for the animal.

After several minutes, Tobiagon noticed some movements in a bushy area and fired his rifle in that direction. However, it was not a deer that he hit but his companion.

The suspect immediately went home and told the suspect's wife about what happened and the victim's relatives went to the area to retrieve the body.

Tobiagon surrendered at the Kiagan Municipal Police Station but did not yield his rifle to the authorities.